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GvK Supply Management

GvK Supply Management knows a long startup history. It is a young business in age, but the manager Gerrit van Keulen, has a lot of experience in the metal industry. GvK Supply Management offers you a large network of metal companies in the Netherlands and Europe, specifically Central and Eastern Europe.


It appears that the worldwide financial crisis still hasn't come to an end yet. For many companies in the metal industry it is time for creative solutions. GvK management will help you to strengthen your economic situation in terms of competition. GvK management will do this by selecting a suitable European production company for your product. Companies with an excellent reputation that guarantee quality, reliable delivery times and a competitive price. Whether the demand is for a large or small delivery or just some pieces, we will find you the right company.

Gvk Supply Management is a partner you can rely on.

Gvk Supply Management would like to take care of you by realizing a cost reduction on your products by outsourcing and technical support.