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Supply chain manager Gerrit van Keulen has gained years of experience in outsourcing activities in the Netherlands and abroad.
The first contacts with machining companies in central Europe date back to the 90's. During the following period a huge network was built with reliable and high-quality suppliers in the metal industry.

The key to success

Many companies have bad and often tedious experiences with outsourcing their production to so called 'low-wage countries'. Common problems are:

  • Unreliable delivery times
  • Communication difficulties caused by language and cultural differences
  • Low level of quality
  • Labor-intensive assistance

A lot of 'Western' companies will face, in addiction to the above-mentioned experiences, the following facts:

  • The current labor- and machine hours are relatively expensive
  • The costs of the production are under pressure, which causes low margins
  • It is becoming more difficult to find craftsmen

GvK Supply Management offers a solution for the above-mentioned problems. We are equipped with a great variety of selected trustworthy production companies. Not only companies in Central or Eastern Europe, but also in the Netherlands. We provide solutions for companies whom only want single pieces but also for business that are in the small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether it is about big or small components, inclusive or exclusive material, inclusive or exclusive material certificates, inclusive or exclusive surface treatment, inclusive or exclusive transport, GvK Supply Management will arrange it all for you at a sharp price! We will adopt your concerns and accompany the entire process from the beginning till the end, so you will be able to focus on your core business.

GvK Supply Management guarantees the production of high-quality compartments and constructions with short delivery times and lower prices then you are used to.