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To provide you with good service, transparency is important for you towards the method of working of GvK Supply Management. In this way, you know what you can expect. Based on the procedure below we would like to give you an impression about the method of GvK Supply Management. Of course it is possible by mutual agreement to deviate from the procedure. If any changes are made towards the procedure, we will always confirm this in advance in writing. This is to make everything clear, so you get value for your money and it is never possible for a discussion to arise about the procedure. GvK Supply Management has a lot of different areas of expertise and takes care of all your concerns about outsourcing. GvK Supply Management speaks with you and listens to you. After a first introductory meeting, talking mainly about your desires, GvK Supply Management will advice you about the best steps to take.


1. Application

You will send an application with all the required information, such as the amount, preferred delivery period and a drawing in .pdf, .dwg or other format to GvK Supply Management. You can do this by mail to info@gvkmanagement.nl. Or you can fill in the contact form on this website.

2. Selection

During the selection process we will look for companies which are the most suitable to fabricate the requested products. It is possible that the companies are established in Central- or Eastern Europe but also in the Netherlands. We will apply for a price and delivery period at multiple companies. In this way we will be able to make a good choice for a supplier that is able to deliver your products for a sharp price with the best quality.

3. Offer

Besides the price request that GvK Supply Management will do at several suppliers, we also make a calculation ourselves. We have a price-list for crafting machines and the necessary experience to asses whether a price is good or not. This is our first point of monitoring. Then we will make a choice and a clear offer based on your demands and conditions. We are able to purchase the required materials, but if you wish you can supply them yourself too. It is also possible for us to provide the demanded surface treatments. Whether it is about spraying, galvanizing, bluing or metallurgy, nitrify, annealing, etc., GvK Supply Management will arrange it all for you.

4. Order

When you have decided to place an order at GvK Supply Management, we will take care that all the required information will be received by the supplier. When drawings and such are unclear, we will make additional and clarifying drawings to reduce the risk of mistakes. Of course we will do this in consultation with you. In case you have decided to supply the materials yourself, we will take care that it will be on the right time and on the right location. Another possibility is that you place the order directly at the supplier.

5. Quality

We require from our suppliers a clear assignment confirmation. This is also to avoid misunderstandings. During the production process we will keep in touch on regular basis with you and our supplier. On regular base company visits will take place and we will ask for information (for example pictures), so the manufacturing process will be streamlined and controlled from the beginning till the end. When necessary we will do a final check onsite. Before the delivery will take place, measurement reports will always be sent. After permission, the products will be provided with a code or number if desired. To supply materials with a 3.1 or 3.2 certificate is of course possible too.

6. Delivery and aftercare

After the products are packaged carefully they will be transported. Immediately to you or first to a different location. You tell us what the intention is, we will take care of it. GvK Management exclusively works with reliable freight forwarders who deliver orders throughout Europe on a daily basis. You also do not need to worry about difficult paperwork, GvK Management will arrange this for you too. The last step in the process is our aftercare. Together with you we will discuss, if desired, the full process. Together we will discuss the points that went well and less well. Therefore you will learn and we will learn too!