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Technical Support

Many companies are in a difficult situation these days caused by the worldwide financial crisis and would like to be supported to change this situation. Other companies are experiencing a strong growth and want to solve the related bottlenecks. With the years of experience of GvK Supply Management in the metal industry, we are able to serve you on all these areas, such as:

  • Interim management
  • Technical management
  • Support with the implementation of the lean manufacturing 5S model
  • Temporary support on the management support department or the purchasing department
  • Consultancy
  • Optimization of the manufacturing process
  • Delivering craftsmen from Central Europa

We work together with an agency that is specialized in recruiting and selecting technical craftsmen for different customer demands from all over Europe. This agency has recruiting and selecting criteria that will search for skilled technical workers that are hard to find at the Dutch employment market. In Central- and Eastern Europe there are enough technical workers available that are perfect craftsmen and speak English or German language well. In contrast to the Netherlands, the specialized schools for different crafts are still there and haven't stopped. These craftsmen are immediately employable. This is because these craftsmen are working with the same techniques and international standards, drawings and quality standards. The agency does not just look for craftsmen that meet your requirements but also if they match with your company.

GvK Supply Management is your commercial and technical partner with a broad network in the metal industry. We are your connecting link!